10th International Workshop on Computing with Terms and Graphs

Oxford, UK - 7 July 2018

FSCD Workshop, Part of FLOC

Graphs, and graph transformation systems, are used in many areas within Computer Science: to represent data structures and algorithms, to define computation models, as a general modelling tool to study complex systems, etc.

Research in term and graph rewriting ranges from theoretical questions to practical implementation issues. Different research areas include: the modelling of first- and higher-order term rewriting by (acyclic or cyclic) graph rewriting, the use of graphical frameworks such as interaction nets and sharing graphs (optimal reduction), rewrite calculi for the semantics and analysis of functional programs, graph reduction implementations of programming languages, graphical calculi modelling concurrent and mobile computations, object-oriented systems, graphs as a model of biological or chemical systems, and automated reasoning and symbolic computation systems working on shared structures.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers working in these different domains and to foster their interaction, to provide a forum for presenting new ideas and work in progress, and to enable newcomers to learn about current activities in this area.

Previous editions of TERMGRAPH took place in Barcelona (2002), Rome (2004), Vienna (2006), Braga (2007), York (2009), Saarbr├╝cken (2011), Rome (2013), Vienna (2014) and Eindhoven (2016).

This year TERMGRAPH is affiliated with FSCD, which is part of FLOC.

The permanent TERMGRAPH site has further information.


Topics of interest include all aspects of term and graph rewriting, and applications of graph transformations in programming, automated reasoning and symbolic computation. This includes (but is not limited to):

Invited Speakers

Submissions and Publication

Extended abstracts of at most 8 pages in EPTCS style can be submitted. This may include both original work and tutorials on any of the above mentioned topics; work in progress is also welcome. Papers should be submitted electronically (pdf) via the EasyChair submission site , no later than 27 April 2018. Papers will be judged on relevance, originality, correctness, and usefulness.

Preliminary proceedings will be available at the workshop.

After the workshop we plan to invite authors to submit extended versions of their papers. Accepted contributions will appear in a volume of EPTCS.

Important Dates

Programme Committee




Maribel Fernandez (Maribel.Fernandez@kcl.ac.uk)
Department of Informatics, King's College London
Strand Campus, Bush House, 30 Aldwych
London WC2B 4BG, United Kingdom